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Education / Outreach

The state of Alabama benefits from having some of the nation’s highest diversity of reptiles and amphibians. These species are a special part of our natural heritage and play vital roles in the functioning of our state’s ecosystems. Unfortunately, however, Alabama also has the dubious distinction of being a state in which several species are thought to have been extirpated and in which many species are considered “at risk” for species declines and, in some cases, extinction. Education and outreach are essential tools in combating such declines, especially since many of the threats facing Alabama’s herpetofauna have their roots in a lack of public awareness and education.

In line with the nationwide PARC model, education and outreach in ALAPARC places a strong emphasis on the role of partnerships with existing conservation organizations as a way to effectively reach a diverse audience across Alabama. In addition to providing basic knowledge of Alabama’s herpetofauna to the public, ALAPARC is committed to fostering collaboration with existing organizations in the state to provide accessibility to curriculum and experts in the field, as well as increasing opportunities for hands-on experience and participation in citizen science projects for all demographic groups. Below are several of the chapter’s ongoing and proposed education/outreach initiatives:

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